Friday, 11 October 2013

New Iridium Rugged Passive Omni Antenna introduced

A new product manufactured by SCAN Antenna is now available to buy online via the Connex webshop. The Iridium certified 65900 rugged passive omni antenna is offered bundled with a deck mount and provides Iridium connectivity for marine and harsh environments.

65900 Iridium Omni Antenna
The features of this antenna are:

- Passive Antenna for Iridium terminals
- Requires no pointing towards satellite
- Rugged design for reliable performance in harsh conditions
- Compact size
- Smooth surface low loss radome
- Mounts directly on poles and brackets with 1"-14NF threaded studs

Other Iridium antennas available to purchase online are the 9211D magnetic mount manufactured by PCTEL and the M1621HCT-SMA from Maxtena. Datasheets on these antennas can be downloaded at the Specialist Antennas GNSS antennas webpage.

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