Tuesday, 3 November 2015

AllDisc - a new 4G/LTE low profile dome antenna - now available

A new product from Smarteq is now in stock at Specialist Antennas in the UK - the AllDisc antenna is a low profile dome antenna designed for permanent outdoor deployment making it ideal for vending, telemetry, metering, CCTV and other wireless applications looking to make use of 4G connnections.

AllDisc Low Profile 4G/LTE Dome Antenna
With high gain figures (when mounted onto a groundplane), the AllDisc offers installers unrivalled performance from a dome-style antenna whilst retaining discreet aesthetics and a rugged/robust build quality. With peak gain ranging from 3.5 dBi to 5 dBi on a groundplane, or 1-4.5 dBi when mounted on a non-metal surface, the AllDisc enables superior signal strength at the modem, terminal or router faciliating higher rates and download speeds.

For more information on the AllDisc and for availability, please contact Specialist Antennas. The AllDisc will be available via the Connex webshop by the end of November 2015.

New MIMO dual polarised 4G/LTE antenna for DAS deployments

The PIM160-ICM is a 4G/LTE MIMO, low PIM antenna with dual polarisation designed primarily for Inbuilding DAS (Distributed Antenna System) deployments.


The PIM160-ICM is a discreet,ceiling-mount solution and very low profile for a dual polarised antenna. With exceptional PIM ratings, this antenna is an ideal solution when optimising 4G coverage in complex indoor spaces.

Supplied with a single stud for mounting and 2 plenum-rated, flame retardent cables, the PIM160-ICM offers excellent VSWR figures combined with multiband coverage.

This antenna is now available from Specialist Antennas - please contact us at sales@ead-ltd.com for more details.