Wednesday, 27 May 2015

SignalDock - a handsfree signal enhancement solution for Smartphone users

Network coverage data from mobile operators typically shows that the vast majority of the population is covered by a least one mobile network. However, this often doesn't tell the whole story as in many cases Smartphone users are not receiving a viable signal (a signal stable enough to receive calls, texts or mobile data) indoors. This is often down to environmental conditions such as the materials used to build the house, the wall-thickness and on occasion the location of the nearest tower in relation to the property.

One solution is go with an active repeater where the signal is actively boosted by a powered amplifier and the network signal is re-radiated inside the building. However, in many countries including the UK the private use of active repeaters is prohibited by telecom regulating authorities (in the UK this is Ofcom), so this is not an legal option in you find yourself in such a territory.

Another solution if Smartphone manufacturers were to offer an extenal antenna connector on the back of the SmartPhone would be to directly connect a high gain antenna to the back of the phone to facilitate signal. Unfortunately Smartphone vendors do not offer this.

A new solution from Connex Technologies can help though. By using the newly launched SignalDock, Smartphone users can connect up 1 or 2 SmartPhones to an external high gain 4G/3G/GSM antenna and have the device indoors with a usable signal - it must be stressed here that the phone has to sit on the Signal Dock cradle to work properly so using the a handsfree kit or bluetooth headset would be the best way to make calls.

The SignalDock is effectively a cradle with two recessed areas that can each accommodate a SmartPhone. The phones are placed on an anti-slip mat and the external antenna is connected via connector on the underside of the SignalDock.

SignalDock - Connex's handsfree signal solution

A number of antenna options can be used - typically Connex recommends a high gain Omni-directional (radiates in every direction) antenna or a high gain directional antenna (radiates in one direction similar to a TV antenna). Once the external antenna is correctly positioned outside the building and connected to the SignalDock, the SmartPhones can be placed on the anti-slip mat and be operation.

The SignalDock solution is ideal for leisure and business use including narrowboats, holiday cabins and cottages, site offices, home office where being connected to receive calls, texts and e-mails is important without constantly having to run outside to communicate.

To purchase the SignalDock, please visit the Connex website at