Monday, 8 July 2013

4 of the best LTE and 4G Omni antennas for site offices

Site offices needing the full range of communications services can be a challenge especially in environments where the locations are remote or temporary and fixed line communications cannot be easily commissioned. In these cases, the only option is wireless access and for data applications using a 3G or 4G / LTE network is an obvious answer for higher data rates. Often site offices are cabins constructed of metal and as a result the cabins themselves can block the wireless signals for users inside. In this case a wireless antenna is often deployed outside the site office to optimise reception.

Here we look at 4 of the best 4G and LTE omni antennas for site offices.

(An omni (or omni-directional) antenna is an antenna that radiates in every direction and does not needing to be pointed at the local tower or base station. Directional antennas (such as TV antennas for example) need to be pointed at the transmitter, omni antennas can receive signals from all directions thereby often receiving signal from more than one local tower). 

High Gain Omni Antenna - The FGO - a truly high gain omni offering 4-5 dBi gain across the bands without the need for mounting onto a large metal surface (groundplane) and affords users the best in omni-directional performance. Of durable construction with a Fibreglass sheath to withstand the elements, the FGO is designed for pole-mount or wall-mount deployment. When coupled with various low loss cable options connecting to a 4G router or modem inside the site office, the FGO provides effective access to wireless services. You can download the datasheet here.

High Gain Magnetic Low Profile Antenna - The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG - based on the high-quality 4G multiband, low profile antenna from Laird, this antenna should be mounted on metal surface for optimum performance. With good gain across the bands, this antenna is supplied with 4M of cable terminated in a SMA-Male as standard. It can be mounted on a metal roof of a site office and then the cable can be run inside. As the antenna is low profile, it is less susceptible to damage, especially useful in construction or mining applications. The LTE-HIGAIN-Mag is available to purchase from our webshop.

Cost-Effective Omni Dipole Antenna - For a cost-effective, site office omni antenna solution, the LGGNF, based on Laird's OC69271 is a practical choice. With multiband LTE, 4G, 3G and GSM frequency support, this antenna is compact and discrete and suitable for outdoor mounting. As it is terminated in a N-Female connector, it can be bundled with a variety of low loss cables for connectivity to the router inside. The datasheet on this antenna can be downloaded here.

Window-Mount MIMO Antenna - The MIMO-Blade from EAD is another omni-directional antenna for window-mount applications. If mounting one of the above antennas outside, is really not practical or feasible for whatever reason, then this compact MIMO (multiple-in / multiple out) 4G multiband antenna is a great alternative. With two antenna elements and two cable feeds each connecting to an antenna port on the router, the MIMO-Blade can be stuck to the inside of a site office window using the suction cups supplied with the antenna.

In most environments, the above omni antennas should address site office needs. In remote areas, directional antennas may be required for reliable 3G and 4G access, these come in various form factors and types such as MIMOcompact 4G panel, standard panel, and yagi antennas. For more information on any of the above solutions, please feel free to contact us at or visit our websites for addition antenna options as well as RF cabling and accessories such as lightning protection, power dividers etc.

Friday, 5 July 2013

LPM8270 Dual Polarised MIMO 4G/3G/GSM Directional antenna now shipping

EAD is pleased to introduce the LPM8270 dual polarised MIMO directional compact panel antenna. With gain of 9 dBi on the lower band (790-960 MHz) and 8 dBi on the upper bands (1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz), the LPM8270 is a discrete solution for outdoor access to 4G/Multiband networks.

 LPM8270 4G MIMO Antenna

The antenna is terminated on the back with 2 x N-Female connectors so that jumper cables of the correct length and grade (i.e very low loss cables for longer cable runs) can be specified for each installation.

For more information, you can download the datasheet at the EAD website here. Alternatively the antenna can be purchased through EAD's sales channels or via the Connex webshop.