Tuesday, 2 May 2017

MIMO-Blade covert antenna solution for LTE telematics

LTE on the move requires high speed data typically using MIMO antennas. The new LTE mimo-blade antenna from EAD offers a discreet and compact solution for window, dash or non-metal surface vehicle mount applications.

Housed in a waterpoof cover, the MIMO-Blade has 2 4G/LTE antenna ports covering from 690-2700 MHz offering 2 dBi on each port. Supplied with thumb screwed suction cups for mounting, the MIMO-Blade can also be installed using adhesive tape or velcro as desired.

MIMO-Blade antenna

The MIMO-Blade is ideal for transportation, tracking and wireless broadband on the move applications where a non-permanent or a blade style antenna is required but without sacrificing a MIMO antenna solutions.

The MIMO-Blade is available now from your local EAD representative or it can be purchased via the Connex webshop.

Monday, 30 January 2017

450 MHz Dual Polarised MIMO Omni Antenna introduced by EAD

EAD has just introduced a new antenna designed for LTE 450 MHz applications. The LMO4547 antenna is a dual polarised MIMO outdoor omni-directional antenna operating at 450-470 MHz. Configured with one vertically polarised port and one horizontally polarised port, the LMO4547 is a compact and attractive outdoor antenna ideally suited for LTE 450 access applications.

LMO4547 MIMO Omni Antenna

The LMO4547 antenna can be wall, pole or enclosure (non-metal surface) mounted and is shipping now. To download the specification sheet please visit the EAD website.