Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mounting your Aruba or Cisco Access Point outside? Here's a neat, secure, weatherproof solution.

Outdoor wireless deployments can be challenging. Once the network design is done, integrators need to consider how install the Access Point securely, but also protect it in all types of weather. PCTEL has a range of NEMA-rated, weatherpoof, outdoor acccess point enclosures tailored to Aruba and Cisco APs.

PCTEL Weatherproof Access Point Enclosure
 A fully weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure, this is a robust solution for outdoor environments including hot, wet and/or dusty installations. There are a range of models depending on the type of access point being installed and each enclosure has a suitable mounting footprint for a specific AP.

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SMP MIMO 4G/Multiband Panel antenna from Sirio

Sirio has announced the pending arrival of a  4G/Multiband MIMO version of its popular SMP-918-9 GSM/3G high-gain directional panel antenna. With a gain of ~ 5 dBi on the 790-960 MHz band and ~ 8 dBi on the 1710-2700 MHz band, the SMP-MIMO offers a compact antenna solution where a directional aerial is required.

It is anticipated that this antenna will be available for production orders by the end of Q3 2014.

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What is Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and are there low PIM antennas for 4G in-building wireless networks?

In 4G/LTE, 3G and GSM networks, RF perfomance can be significantly affected by PIM (Passive Intermodulation) issues. In simple terms, PIM is a RF interference problem where 2 or high power signals mix across a passive component such as an antenna, connector, RF cable or duplexer. The presence of PIM in the transmission path may result in lower data throughputs, in calls being disconnected or dropped or limit the overall capacity/performance of the network.

Especially in new wireless in-building environments, we are seeing the advent of specific low PIM antennas which combat the problems of PIM and help to ensure that network performance is optimised.

The first low PIM 4G/Multiband antenna available through SAS in the UK is the Laird CMD69273P - a low PIM ceiling mount antenna covered worldwide 4G/cellular frequencies from 700-2700 MHz. Housed in a discrete radome, the CMD69273P is an effective performer for multi-band in-building deployments. Small quantities can be purchased via our webshop.


For a directional 4G/Multiband MIMO antenna with low PIM capability, the Laird PAS69278P has been announced. It is a wide-band dual-port panel antenna with slant 45 polarization that covers the domestic LTE700/Cellular/PCS/AWS/MDS and global GSM900/GSM1800/UMTS/LTE2600 bands.

PAS69278P MIMO Low Pim Directional antenna
This directional antenna offers a minimum of 8 dBi gain on both antenna elements and is terminated in N-Female connectors.

COMING SOON! PIM-rated 3G/4G In-Building Antennas
PCTEL announces a number of in-building low PIM solutions pending.

PCTEL has also announced a number of new Low PIM antennas pending release so please contact us with your low PIM antenna requirements.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Introducing a new 4G/LTE Wideband Terminal Antenna

EAD has introduced a new 4G/LTE wideband terminal antenna. Covering frequencies fom 698-960 and 1710-2700 MHz, the WTR7270 covers all 4G, LTE, 3G, GSM and cellular bands in one antenna. From the same family as the popular PTR2100 antenna, the WTR7270 is terminated in a SMA-Male connector.

WTR7270 4G Wideband Antenna

The specification can be downloaded at

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weighing up antenna options for 915 MHz? Here are some considerations..

If you are designing or developing wireless applications using the 915 MHz ISM band, choosing the correct antenna for your application can be critical is ensuring your RF perforamnce is optimal. I thought it might be interesting for people working on 915 MHz (or the 900 MHz band more generally) projects, if I listed out a number of diverse external antenna products to aid the developer's understanding of available solutions on the market.

1/4 Wave Whip Antenna

A terminal-mount short 1/4 wave moulded whip antenna (requires a groundplane to mount on) with RP-SMA or SMA connectors typically (TNC, BNC are also possible). Suitable for fixed and portable terminals.

915 MHz Whip Antenna RP-SMA

 1/4 Wave Whip Antenna with Flying Lead

Similar to the antenna above, this 915 MHz 1/4 Wave whip antenna has stud at the bottom for permanent mounting and a RG174 flying lead to connect the antenna to terminal. This antenna can be used for both fixed and portable applications.
915 Mhz Whip with Flying Lead

Stub Antenna

A 1/4 wave helical stubby antenna with a sheath length of approximately 55mm. This is again suitable for fixed and portable applications. The connector at the bottom can be SMA or RP-SMA and either straight or right angle. This antenna should be mounted onto a groundplane.

915 MHz Stubby Antenna

Swivel Dipole Antenna

A 1/2 wave dipole antenna for 915 MHz with either SMA or RP-SMA. The antenna can lock in vertical or horiztonal positions or at 45 degrees if required.  This antenna is groundplane indepenent so can be mounted onto non-metal (i.e. ABC, PC etc.) terminals.
915 MHz Swivel Dipole

Waterproof Compact Omni Antenna

For outdoor applications, a compact waterproof 915 MHz omni antenna might be the solution. Where a robust, weatherpoof dipole-like antenna is required, this antenna is discrete yet durable and flexible to accomodate a range of applications.

915 MHz Waterproof Compact Omni Antennas
Available with a variety of connectors including SMA, RP-SMA, N-Type, TNC,  RP-TNC with straight and some right angle versions, these antennas a Flame retardent, UV-resistant sheath and there are versions at 915 MHz for mounting onto metal or non-metal surfaces. A through hole (stud mount) version is also available based on a N-Female Panel mount connector (with O-Ring for a watertight seal plus washer and nut for locking in place onto the enclosure.

Outdoor Wall-Mount Omni Antenna

For small, wall-mounted antennas, then the wall-mounted version of the above compact omni might be well worth taking a look at. This antenna is supplied with the flame retardent and UV-resistant sheath terminated in N-Female connector and mounted on a stainless steel bracket. Jumper cables can be specified to order depending on the grade of cable required for the length of cable run required - the jumper cable requires a N-Male Plug to connect to the antenna.

915 MHz Compact Wall-Mount Omni
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Directional Panel Antenna

A 10 dBi directional 915 MHz panel antenna for wall-mount and pole mount applications. Terminated in either a low loss cable or simply a N-Female connector, this antenna measures approximately 200x200x40mm and is housed in a weatherproof LURAN enclosure.
915 MHz Directional High Gain Panel Antenna
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These are standard off-the-shelf 915 MHz products. This listing is not exhaustive, but is designed to give you some food for thought. For further information and for other 915 MHz antenna requirements, please contact us at