Sunday, 22 April 2012

433 MHz Wall Mount Omni Antenna

A new 433 MHz wall-mount omnidirection antenna is now available from EAD/Specialist Antennas.

Mounted on a right-angled bracket, the WCO-433-WM is a fully waterproof and robust ISM-band antenna for wall-mounting both outdoors and indoors. Terminated in a N-Female connector, the WCO-433-WM allows for RF cables to be customised to the application. The antenna is ideal for security and telemetry applications where the antenna is mounted away from the radio.

Other UHF frequencies in the 380-512 MHz band are possible including TETRA, 450 MHz and 459 MHz.

The WCO-433-WMB will be commercially launched towards the end of Q2 2012. In the meantime, if you have a specific application please contact us.

Friday, 20 April 2012

New Product releases from EAD

Embedded Antenna Design Ltd has released a number of new products for M2M (machine to machine) and GPS applications.

Included in the release are the GPS-Stubby - an active GPS Stubby antenna terminated in SMA-Male straight or right-angle connectors for applications where GPS antennas with cables are unsuitable or undesirable.

The WCO-433-WMB is a 433 MHz wall-mount antenna designed for ISM-band applications. Based on EAD's waterproof compact omni antenna, the WCO-433-WMB is a compact, durable and waterproof wall-mounted antenna solution. The design is scalable and can be customised to support any frequency in the 380-512 MHz frequency band.

The CPW-Dual is a dual band low profile puck antenna with one element operating at 2.4 GHz and the other element operating at 4.9-5.8 GHz. Each element is fed by a separate cable and is designed for WiFi applications where two radios need to be supported by two radiating elements.

3G, 4G and Wideband Antenna from SAS

SAS is pleased to introduce the SPH antenna from Sirio. Covering a frequency band from 1500 MHz through to 6 GHz, the SPH is truly wideband directional antenna. With gain figures ranging from 9 dBi at 1500 MHz to 17 dBi at 6 GHz, the SPH offers exceptional peformance in a small, discrete radome.

The SPH antenna comes with mounting hardware and is terminated in a SMA-Female connector.

SAS offer custom-made, low-loss, jumper cables to go with the SPH, please contact us for more details.