Thursday, 7 July 2011

Compression Fit Connectors now in stock

Specialist Antennas now has the PPC Compression Fit connectors in stock. CompPro connectors are compression fit, watertight, high pull strength, single piece connectors for 400 type cable (LMR400, BWL400, WBC400 etc.). Designed to make 400 type cable installations quick and secure each time, every time. Please contact SAS to trial the CompPro connectors.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New TETRA antennas from Specialist Antennas

SAS is pleased to introduce 2 new TETRA antennas from our new part - Lea Group of Italy. The TETRACUBE is a X-POL 380-470 MHz panel antenna offering an innovative alternative to traditional panel antennas with the benefits of low visibility, low weight, low wind resistance. The TETRACUBE antennas can be configured in an array to customise performance effectively. The GTFlex is a GPS and UHF/TETRA vehicle mount antenna - robust and roof-mounted it is designed for emergency service vehicle applications.