Friday, 23 September 2016

Introducing the PMO915-3 - a 915 MHz 3 dBi pole-mount omni-antenna

EAD has today introduced a new 915 MHz LoRA 3 dBi outdoor omni-directional antenna for pole-mounting applications. Housed in a fibreglass tube, the PMO915-3 is cost-effective and durable solution for 915 MHz connectivity including LoRA deployments. Supplied with a pole-mount bracket and terminated in a N-Female connector for connected to customer-specific coaxial jumper cables such as RF240, the PMO915-3 offers a medium gain acccess solution.

PMO915-3 Omni Antenna  
This new antenna is suitable for continuous outdoor use for 915 MHz LoRA appplications where the antenna needs to be placed outside for improved reception.

For more information, please contact EAD.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New SMP-4G-LTE compact directional panel antenna

Introducing the upgraded SMP directional panel antenna from Sirio. The SMP-4G-LTE is a compact, directional panel antenna suitable for wall or pole-mounting. It offers 6 dBi gain on the lower bands and 9 dBi gain on the higher bands and housed in a robust, weatherproof radome. The antenna is terminated in a 30cm pigtail and SMA-Male connectors and can mate to our RF240 low loss cables. For custom RF240 cable quotes - we can customise cable length and connector type to your specification, please e-mail

SMP-4G-LTE Directional panel antenna
 The SMP-4G-LTE is a single feed (SISO) antenna. A MIMO dual port SMP panel antenna is also available.

It can be purchased online at the Connex webshop along with a wide selection of 4G and LTE antennas.