Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New 4G MIMO, GPS and dual-band WiFi magnetic mount antenna

The GPSHPDLTEMIMO-SF-MM from PCTEL is a 4G/LTE Multiband MIMO + GPS + Dual-Band WiFi heavy-duty magnetic mount antenna designed for professional telematics applications.

GPSHPDLTEMIMO magnetic mount antenna

Housed in an IP67 compliant radome, the GPSHPDLTEMIMO magnetic antenna is ideal for temporary vehicle, fleet and transit applications where 4G diversity combined with GPS positioning and WiFi connectivity is required. With high pull strength magnets in the base of the antenna, the GPSHPDLTEMIMO antenna is designed for applications where the antenna must be able to be mounted and "de-mounted" without damage to the vehicle.

For availability and pricing, please contact Specialist Antennas.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New 4G/LTE MIMO low PIM antenna with true horizontal & vertical polarization for in-building DAS

Specialist Antennas is pleased to introduce a new 4G/LTE/Multiband MIMO ceiling mount antenna, the MDO7270 incorporating Venti technology,  with true horizontal and vertical polarisation designed for Inbuilding DAS (distributed antenna system) deployments.

With a consistant reliable PIM rating of 160 dBc or better coupled with dual polarisation, the DAS MIMO Venti antenna is compact and aesthetically discreet whilst offering unrivalled peformance for indoor 4G/LTE networks.

MDO7270 Low PIM Dual Polarized MIMO antenna

Stringent PIM specifications are crucial in minimizing interference, which has a detrimental effect on data, video and voices performance, and can hinder the capacity of the network. The MDO7270 antenna has effectively addressed the PIM requirements of in-building systems designers and offers a unique solution to indoor antenna deployment, improving in-building coverage and facilitating improved download speeds.

For more information on the MDO7270 antenna, please contact Specialist Antennas on 01280 824055 or send an e-mail to