Friday, 17 October 2014

Inbuilding PIM-optimized ceiling mount antenna covers 700 MHz -6 GHz

The new OLTE7027S-I antenna from PCTEL is a PIM (passive-intermodulation) optimized ceiling mount omni antenna covering a frequency range from 698-6 GHz. Housed in an aesthetic radome, this antenna is ideal for cellular 3G/4G in-building DAS (distributed antenna systems) applications, public safety networks, WiFi hotspots and more.

OLTE7027S-I Ceiling mount antenna

With gain figures as follows:

698-850 MHz - 1.5 dBi
850-960 MHz - 2 dBi
1710-2170 MHz - 4 dBi
2300-2700 MHz - 5 dBi
3400-3700 MHz - 5 dBi
4900-6000 MHz - 6 dBi

the OLTE7027S-I offers unrivalled performance in a small package.

For more information on this antenna, please contact us or visit the product page on the SAS website. We will be stocking this antenna very shortly.

Friday, 3 October 2014

What is the difference betweeen SMA and RP-SMA or reverse SMA? A summary.

We get asked all the time about SMA and RP-SMA. We often have customers asking for SMA-Female connectors when they really mean RP-SMA. So what is the difference?? Here is a little guide with images to help you out!!

A RP-SMA connector is effectively where the pin on the connector is reversed to the standard SMA connector. Its hard to explain in words rather best shown in pictures:

SMA-Male Plug
The SMA-Male Plug typically has a Hex barrel, is threaded on the inside and a pin.


The RP-SMA Plug has a Hex barrel, is threaded on the inside and no pin (note - this is not SMA-Female!!).

SMA-Female Jack
The SMA-Female (jack) is threaded on the outside of the barrel and does not have a pin. This mates to the SMA-Plug.

RP-SMA Jack (this is a panel mount version)
The RP-SMA Jack is threaded on the outside of the barrel and has a pin. The RP-SMA plug mates to this.

So now we all should be clear about what SMA and RP-SMA connectors look like!!!!

If you need adapter cables, jumper cables or single piece adapters from SMA to SMA or RP-SMA or any other coaxial connector including U.FL, N-Male, N-Female,  TNC,  RP-TNC, MMCX, CRC9, TS9, MCX etc. please contact us as we have a wide range of solutions and can custom build cables to specification. Please feel free to contact us with any requests