Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Indoor DAS 4G MIMO antenna gains SAR certification

The PCTEL PIM160-ICM ceiling mount 4G/LTE dual polarized and Low PIM omni antenna has now gained SAR certification in Europe meaning that the antenna is approved for deployments into 4G/LTE DAS designs.

PCTEL PIM160-ICM Antenna
Performing SAR testing on antenna measures the electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body using a wireless device or phone. SAR testing on in-building and DAS antennas helps to verify that a wireless device or component does not exceed a specifc country or region’s set RF exposure limits.

For more information and pricing on the PCTEL PIM160-ICM or for further information on the SAR certification for the PIM160-ICM antenna, please contact us.

The PIM160-ICM is a fully released product and available from Specialist Antennas.