Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New MIMO dual polarised 4G/LTE antenna for DAS deployments

The PIM160-ICM is a 4G/LTE MIMO, low PIM antenna with dual polarisation designed primarily for Inbuilding DAS (Distributed Antenna System) deployments.


The PIM160-ICM is a discreet,ceiling-mount solution and very low profile for a dual polarised antenna. With exceptional PIM ratings, this antenna is an ideal solution when optimising 4G coverage in complex indoor spaces.

Supplied with a single stud for mounting and 2 plenum-rated, flame retardent cables, the PIM160-ICM offers excellent VSWR figures combined with multiband coverage.

This antenna is now available from Specialist Antennas - please contact us at sales@ead-ltd.com for more details.