Monday, 16 March 2015

A new 4G/LTE Multiband MIMO puck antenna arrives

EAD is pleased to introduce the CMO antenna - a 4G /LTE multiband MIMO low profile puck antenna ideally suited for telematics, fleet, telemetry, security and CCTV applications. Housed in a durable, compact radome, the CMO antenna has two 4G/LTE multiband elements operating from 690-2700 MHz.

CMO 4G/LTE Multiband MIMO puck antenna

The CMO antenna mounts by way of threaded stud with a locking nut that tightens from underneath. A gasket underneath the antenna provides a watertight seal when the antenna is mounted securely.

Each antenna element is fed by flexible coaxial cable and is terminated with a SMA connector. TS9, CRC9 or other coaxial connectors are available.

For pricing please contact EAD or your local EAD distributor.