Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Popular LTE-HIGAIN antenna now offered with integrated mounting stud.

A new low profile, permanent mount LTE/4G Multiband antenna is now in stock. The LTE-HIGAIN-STUD antenna is rugged and robust through-hole mount omni antenna that is mounted via a N-Female connector. Similar to the market-leading LTE-HIGAIN-MAG antennas, this antenna is based on the same radiating technology, but an integrated stud is an alternative to a magnetic mount.

This antenna should be mounted on a metal surface such as a vehicle or narrowboat roof and does require a jumper cable terminated in N-Male to mate with the antenna.


The performance specs are as follows:

Frequency Range:  700-2700 MHz
Impedance     50 Ohms
Antenna Gain (Peak)

            698-960MHz: 3.5dBi
            1575.42MHz: 5.1dBi
            1710-1990MHz: 5.5dBi
            2100-2700MHz: 4.6dBi

This antenna is manufactured by Laird Technologies under part number:  TRA6927M3PW.

This antenna can be purchased online at